About Heracles Knot:

Four years after a traumatizing supernatural experience, Leland Henderson and his best friend Jaida Warner are well on their way to becoming Wardens, members of the Order of Peridexion, which oversees diplomatic relations between humans and non-humans. For the most part, it's not far off of what they expected; they're learning magic, learning how to fight, and learning how not to offend faeries. But what they didn't expect was the Order's bloody history, or the mysterious illness killing off non-humans, or Leland having to face his own genetic heritage on the regular. And the more Leland and Jaida learn, the less certain they are about joining the Order - and more certain they can't escape it.


Sidney Maris Hargrave is a quiet lump of coal smoldering away in a timeless cavern, working on way too many projects at once. They do the writing, production, the lines, and the text.


Rowan Hartford is a nerdo who is generous enough to color pages and be a sounding board for ideas. A truly amazing person.